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Ever seen a tooth completely dark compared to the rest?

It may be caused by a pulp necrosis, which in other words means death of the inside content of the tooth. Not only makes the tooth look uneven from the rest but it may cause discomfort or intense pain. This can be potential complication of dental cavities, fracture and trauma (hit the tooth, moving teeth with braces too quickly), and may be considered the cause of persistent tooth pain. The treatment is important to prevent further complications and resolve the pain.

The pulp is like the heart of the tooth. It’s the most organic and vital part of the tooth. If the pulp gets swollen, it is called pulpitis, which causes painful sensations and irritation. As it persists, it begins to kill the pulp cells, grow deeper and spread into the jaw. Swollen, tenderness and pain when eating or swallowing are signs associated to pulp necrosis.

In early stages, its progression may be prevented. If the patient doesn’t treat it on time it may develop discoloration. Once the necrosis has set, the ideal treatment is a root canal. The dentist cleans the pulp camera, removes all the dead cells and damaged tissue and seals it to protect from future damage.

If you have any questions about pulp necrosis, its diagnosis or treatment options, do not hesitate to contact us. We have specialists trained to treat discolored teeth and several treatment options to solve this problem. At Prisma Dental we care about creating and keeping healthy and beautiful smiles.

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Ever Seen A Tooth Completely Dark Compared To The Rest?
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