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Female Hormone Fluctuation and Its Effect on Oral Health

Women are under constant fluctuation of hormones which is unique to them; these changes may make them more prone to certain oral health concerns in different stages during their lives, and during the month. Hormones affect both the supply of blood to gum tissue as well as the body’s response to toxins (for example those from the result of plaque). Let us look into what happens during one of the most dramatic stages, puberty, in regards to oral health.

During puberty, the body of a girl will start increasing the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can have the effect to increase the blood flow to the gums. With more blood flow to the gum tissue, it will react to toxins that are a result of plaque. Gum tissue might become red, swollen or tender, it is also likely that bleeding occurs while brushing or flossing.

The menstrual cycle is the direct result of puberty, and with the cycle the periodic fluctuation of hormones is installed. Women are familiar with noticing the changes in skin tone, bloating and even weight changes during the different phases of ovulation, but very few of them notice the effect that hormones have on their oral health. The increase in progesterone that occurs during the menstrual cycle might cause some women to experience red swollen gums, swollen salivary glands, mouth sores and even bleeding gums. These, however, usually appear a day or two before the period starts and will clear up after the period has started..

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Female Hormone Fluctuation And Its Effect On Oral Health
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