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Friendly Bacteria Can Combat Bad Breath

Friendly bacteria usually known by the general term of acidophilus have the important role in maintaining our overall health and lately it hast been stressed that they also have an upper hand in the prevention of bad breath.

When your intestinal flora is unbalanced, it can lead to bad breath because the overgrowth of candida which is a type of yeast can reach far beyond the external walls of the intestines.

If it enters into the bloodstream it will head directly to the areas in the body that are weak at that time and can compromise the functioning of the immune system.

Bad breath is usually a sign that the overall health of an individual is not at its optimum state; it can also be the result of a particular disease or condition. Although the origin of bad breath, also known as halitosis can be different sources, consuming acidophilus can help stabilize imbalances in the intestinal flora that could be the cause for bad breath.

Digestion does not only depend on your intestinal flora, the whole process starts in your mouth with mastication. One of the causes that food is not properly digested can have a lot to do with not chewing your food enough and the results can be that the putrefying food and odor causing bacteria explode within the system and outnumbers the colony of healthy bacteria. This disrupts the balance and it affects the digestion process as well as the intestinal track. By consuming acidophilus, you will be infusing an amount of good and beneficial bacteria back into the digestive system.

These digestive imbalances can also create a build up of debris and bacteria accumulating in the back of the mouth. Nasal drip, lung and respiratory conditions contribute to bad breath as well. Allergies, dry mouth, cavities, unhealthy gums are a few oral conditions that supply the mouth with odor causing bacteria. Though these conditions seem isolated from digestive disorders, improper digestion is the initial cause.

Regardless of the source of bad breath, taking acidophilus is an excellent preventative measure for halitosis. By implanting new colonies of beneficial bacteria, you will reduce the system’s acidity, and thus inhibit growth of future destructive bacteria.

Acidophilus as supplements are available in several forms and you can purchase a variety of strains some of them are derived from milk while others are lactose-free.

If you would prefer to consume foods with high probiotic content you can add more yogurt and kefir to your diet, just make sure that the label says they carry “live cultures”.

By: Prisma Dental

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Friendly Bacteria Can Combat Bad Breath
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