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From Your Mouth, Straight to the Heart

If you think of it, it actually makes sense, your mouth is the host of billions of bacteria and they will not only influence your oral health, they can also have a major say in heart matters.

Your mouth is vital, you chew your foods with it and practically every nutrient that your body needs enters through your mouth whether it is solid food or liquid.

We have always had an idea that whatever enters your mouth will in fact have a huge impact on your body, but what about what is already breeding in your mouth?

If day-in and day-out you are swallowing harmful bacteria already present in your mouth, how could that affect your health?

In terms of heart disease, scientists have already found a connection between periodontitis and atherosclerotic plaque in arteries and in the heart. Periododontitis is a condition wherein there is an erosion of the tissue and the bone structure that supports teeth caused by bacteria, the mastication process and oral cleaning process release these bacteria into the bloodstream.

It has been found that a couple of species of bacteria that cause periodontitis also cause the formation of plaque (an accumulation of calcium and fatty materials) which hardens the wall of the arteries, this in turn can eventually lead to a lethal heart attack.

Also, when oral bacterial enters our bloodstream they release toxins that resemble proteins that are naturally found in artery walls and in bloodstream. The natural response of our immune system is to tackle the walls of the vessels or make blood easier to clot as a way to defend the body of this “invasion” of bacteria, this in turn can harm blood vessels and cause blood clots.

There is still much more that we can learn about the relationship between your mouth and your overall health. As of today, there are researches going on which promise to shine new light on important topics like this one.

In the meanwhile, the best way you can take care of your cardiovascular health is to visit your dentist twice a year and make sure your brush and floss properly.

By: Prisma Dental

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From Your Mouth, Straight To The Heart
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