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Full Mouth Restoration – Show your smile again!

Full mouth restoration is the preferred solution when a patient suffers from an entire mouth full of missing or failing teeth. The goal of a full mouth restoration is to completely rehabilitate the oral health of the patient, so that they may enjoy the use and appearance of fully functional dental work to replace their own.

Your full mouth restoration will include a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your dental health. Before full replacement implants can be fitted, your dentist will evaluate the health of your remaining mouth structure, including underlying bones, gums, jaw, and related muscles. Only when each element of your body that will support your implants is restored to health, will your implants be placed.

Dental implants are posts that are surgically fitted to take the place of your teeth roots. Once these posts are in place within a healthy mouth, bridges or permanent dentures can be attached. These usually take the form of an All of 6 or All on 8 full mouth replacement.

A full mouth restoration will result in a complete turn-around in your oral health. If you have sore gums and failing teeth, you will be restored to healthy gums and teeth that may be more beautiful that your natural teeth ever were. Enjoy eating again, and be proud of your wonderful smile!

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