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Good-bye Healthy Teeth?

Having perfectly healthy teeth removed might sound like the worse idea possible since our natural teeth are as valuable as family treasures, after all once your milk teeth fall off you develop only one set of permanent teeth which are meant to last for a life-time.

So why would someone in their right frame of mind allow their healthy teeth to be removed? And what’s more, who would recommend having them pulled out?

Pulling out healthy teeth is a common practice during an orthodontic treatment and the reasons behind this practice is well founded. Permanent teeth might need to be pulled out when there is a discrepancy in the size of the jaw, protruding teeth and crowded teeth.

There are cases wherein the mouth is simply too small for teeth to fit, and not pulling these teeth out might lead to a less healthy, beautiful and stable smile.

When teeth do not have enough space for them they will most likely protrude, these crowded teeth will have to flare out away from the bone in order to be able to accommodate. If the protruded teeth are moved back with the orthodontic treatment it will create an overlap.

In some cases protruded teeth are better off being pulled out, the space created can be easily closed and will allow space to accommodate crowded and protruded teeth. When this is done flawlessly no one will ever notice the difference.

Another reason why removing healthy teeth is sometimes necessary is because it is a way to balance the discrepancy in size of the upper and lower jaw. Most overbites and underbites occur because of this. Removing teeth in one arch is usually the option patients prefer instead of having a jaw surgery.

When a patient has a small lower jaw, removing two teeth in the upper arch will give the orthodontist the chance to move teeth on the upper jaw back and thus reposition the overbite.

The process is the same when the patient has an underbite, two teeth from the lower arch are removed and the bite is repositioned.

By: Prisma Dental

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Good-bye Healthy Teeth?
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