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Gum Surgery Services

Whenever we think about a smile makeover we always think about dental implants, porcelain veneers and whitening treatments and forget about a very integral part of our mouth – the gums.

The shape, size and color of the gums have a great impact on how your smile looks, in fact, many Hollywood makeovers involve gum surgery in order to create the beautiful smiles these stars sport today.

Gum surgery or gingivectomy was first developed as a treatment for periodontal disease.

Nowadays it is most commonly used to remove the overgrowth of gum tissue and for the improvement of the appearance of gums.

What are two of the most recurrent reasons why gum tissue needs to be removed?

Removal of pockets. Pockets in between teeth and gums can easily trap food remnants encouraging the growth of bacteria. When these pockets involve soft tissue only, it can be removed by trimming the gums.

Excess of gum tissue. The excessive growth of gum tissue is apparently unknown, many people choose to remove it to improve their appearance. When this condition is severe it can cause problems while chewing and speaking.

Gingivoplasty is performed when the patient doesn´t like the way their gums look, they might have gummy teeth or their teeth are perceived as being very small. Causes may include genetics, disease, trauma and also certain types of medication.

The procedure is a minor one, a local anesthetic is used and we will proceed to trim your gums and create an appealing smile. The procedure can be performed flawlessly with minimal pain and fast recovery.

Since gums provide the structure for your teeth and visually outline them, to have an even gum line will create a visual impact on the aesthetics of your teeth making them look straight and giving them the right proportion and size.

Is gum surgery a good option for you? Contact Prisma for an evaluation and let us re-design your smile today.

By: Prisma Dental

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Gum Surgery Services
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