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Health Coaching Your Way Towards Dental Health

A research conducted at the University of Copenhagen has shown an impressive improvement in a group of diabetics who received coaching sessions in order to improve dental health.

This method has shown quantitative and qualitative improvement over conventional methods such as handing out brochures to patients.

In this coaching process patients go ahead and take a huge step by assuming full responsibility for their own bodies, their condition improve by means of motivational health coaching which is a completely different approach to conventional health campaigns. The complete findings have just been published by Clinical Oral Investigations.

In this study, one hundred and eighty-six patients with Type II diabetes participated.

Diabetics are a high-risk group since they have a higher chance to suffer from oral health problems such as periodontitis, caries, dry mouth, fungal infections and poor wound healing.

In the study, patients were divided into two groups, the first group was given traditional health information such as a brochure containing health information. The second group underwent a coaching process in the form of 3-6 sessions over a period of six months, wherein personal guidance on several areas such as diet, stress management and dental care were focused.

The group of patients who received health coaching saw major improvements in an area wherein the biological marker for periodontitis also known as the “loose tooth disease”, was reduced for as much as 50% over the six-month period. Also the levels of long-range blood sugar presented a significant decline. The long-range blood sugar, also known as HbA1c, is an expression of the average glucose level in the blood over the past approx. three months. For the coaching group, this fell from 7.5% to 6.9%.

The amazing results do not stop there, the group which received health coaching experienced motivational benefits and feel that they are more efficient at handling illness and health issues, thus boosting their self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.

By: Prisma Dental

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Health Coaching Your Way Towards Dental Health
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