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Healthy gums means healthy heart and healthy teeth.

This month we celebrate the elderly with our patients and remind them that no matter how old, excellent care of our oral health is essential to good living conditions. Where we restore lost bite, either with implants, crowns, dentures, bridges or resins.
With dental implants we can replace one or more teeth and may also provide support for fixed or removable prosthesis.
The function of the bridge is to replace one or more teeth permanently and once the dental and periodontal conditions are ideal.

The Crowns serve its purpose to restore severely damaged teeth with either fractures, wear off, or extensive decay. In some cases it will be necessary to perform a root canal to place a post and restore the tooth.
The partial dentures are used to replace some missing teeth, the full dentures replaces all the missing teeth. If you are using any of this appliances, its importance to keep them clean and in a good shape.


When there is a big bone loss and the adjustment of the dentures is not “ the best”, placing dental implants is an excellent choice to build after fix dentures, or grip them on top of them.


Healthy gums means healthy heart and healthy teeth, so remember that it is very important to do regular cleaning, to remove plague.

You can return your smile of years ago or give you the smile you’ve always wanted.


By: Dr. Telma Rubinstein & Dr. Bernal Soto

Prisma Dental


Healthy Gums Means Healthy Heart And Healthy Teeth.
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