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Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids Ensure Good Oral Health

Foods such as cheese, green apple, celery, green guava or green mango help prevent cavities.

It´s important avoid: sugars, chewy candies, sodas, junk food and sweet bread.

Foods that are included in school lunchboxes are strongly linked to oral health of children. Promoting to children a healthy and balanced diet, encourages good oral health.

Every time you eat a food or drink that containing sugar, the bacteria that cause cavities starts to produce acids and the dental demineralization begins.

According to Telma Rubinstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Prisma Dental, “the process continues for 20 or 30 minutes after eating or drinking, may be longer if food debris are still caught between teeth or into the mouth. In this process the saliva acts to neutralize acids and helps in the mineralization process. ”

However, some foods protect teeth against cavities. For example, all types of cheese, because these contain calcium, phosphate and casein (a milk protein that protects against demineralization). Aged cheeses also are beneficial because they increase the flow of saliva.

Rubinstein recommends, “Finish a meal with a slice of cheese, a green apple, celery, green mango or guava helps to counteract the action of the acids produced by foods rich in carbohydrates consumed in the same meal.”

The sugarless gum also helps to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay because the sweet flavor and chewing stimulate salivary flow. Furthermore, this chew-gum can contain minerals such as calcium, phosphate and fluoride that improve the repair process.

“Some surveys have reported that sugarless gum consumed after a meal can accelerate the cleaning of food debris and reduce the rate of development of cavities in children” says Rubinstein.

Carbohydrates are the ideal substrate for bacteria to grow in the mouth; however, are the simple sugars the most damaging. Other foods like rice, pasta or bread, have low capacity to produce cavities.

Therefore, sucrose, or table sugar is the food that represents more risk to the teeth. The kids love candies but the excessive intake of simple sugars like these make the bacteria find an environment conducive to their development.

The acidity caused by carbonated or fizzy drinks favor the destruction of the enamel that covers your teeth, thus this type of drinks becomes in another food to avoid if we want our children have good oral health

You should also pay attention to the foods that are consumed between meals because they are more likely to damage tooth enamel, because during the main meals, the food bolus drags much of the sugars to the stomach preventing them remain in the mouth.

“Every time, more and more children attend a consultation with the enamel of teeth damaged by poor diet and weakened by certain habits caused by lack of oral hygiene. As time passes cavities are appearing in childhood earlier, even before the year and a half old.” says Rubinstein.

“In the school, it is ideal to children carry on a toothbrush with very soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste to use after every meal”, advises Rubinstein.

Healthy Lunchboxes For Kids Ensure Good Oral Health
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