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Hormonal imbalance expose women to tooth loss

Dental implants for women at Prisma Dental

• During pregnancy and menopause women develop diseases that can cause tooth decay.

• The implants help replace missing parts and improve the appearance of the smile.

As part of the different stages of life, women develop oral diseases that can cause loss of teeth, among these, gingivitis or bleeding gums during pregnancy, as well as burning or dry mouth along the menopause. Given this, dental implants become the best solution to recover the attractive smile.

According Telma Rubinstein, Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at Prisma Dental, “pregnant women have red, swollen gums that bleed easily. This disease is known as gingivitis of pregnancy and is caused by poor oral hygiene or high hormone levels. If not treated early, can trigger periodontitis and loss of teeth”

With regard to menopause, the expert explained that by the decrease in the production of hormones, women may develop xerostomia or dry mouth, or the burning mouth syndrome. To ensure that does not reduce the level of salivation, it´s recommended to start the hormone replacement therapy after first symptoms appear in this stage, and also avoid smoking.

“The loss of teeth, whether from periodontal disease, tooth decay, bad hygiene or accident can be corrected with dental implants, which consist of a screw that is inserted into the jaw bone and acts as a base for the tooth must be replaced, or for the prosthesis, “says Rubinstein.

Dental implants becomes an excellent option to replace missing teeth without affecting the others, since they work in the same way as natural teeth; these preserve the jawbone and prevent loss. Furthermore, these help to restore efficiency to chew and speak, give to the patient their smile back and change the appearance of the mouth and facial features.

“There are titanium implants, which are the most used for a long time because of their high chemical stability, good biocompatibility properties and their ability to integrate into the bone. Its hardness allows it to withstand continuous contact between the teeth during chewing. Also there are zirconium, but are currently being tested, “says Rubinstein.

The implants look completely natural and do not create discomfort, but it is a surgery, and you should consider the possible complications. According to Rubinstein, may be rejected by the body without being able to be incorporated into bone, or can lead to infections that cause inflammation of the gums and sometimes in the jaw bone.

If you lose an implant, for the above reasons, it will take some time to heal the area and then assess the possibility of replacing it. Smokers have a higher risk of losing them, so it is necessary to stop the habit before undergoing such surgery.

“The dentist should make a thorough study to determine who is a candidate for putting on the implants. Through tomography and panoramic radiography, is evaluates the bone quality, if is necessary to use graft, if there an infection in the area, among other factors “says Rubinstein.

According to the expert, people with any conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and others, can use dental implants, as long as your condition is under medical supervision. Those who have undergone irradiation treatment have to wait a while before inserting.

Note that it is not ideal to replace all teeth with implants.”In cases where patients are edentulous, that means you no longer have natural teeth, can be placed four or eight implants in the upper and lower part of the mouth, and then restore with a dental prosthesis fixed or removable”. Says Rubinstein.

For implants care must be kept the area very clean, so not suffer the risk of infection or loss thereof. As with natural teeth, it is important brushing after every meal, the flossing, and visits to the dentist at least twice a year.

Hormonal Imbalance Expose Women To Tooth Loss
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