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How Do You Store Your Toothbrush?

We all know toothbrushes are crucial to our daily oral hygiene. Since mouths are the home for many bacteria, it is not a surprise that we must put attention on how we clean our teeth.

But what should we do with our toothbrush once we are done brushing? Where should we store it?

There are many ways that it is said to store a toothbrush in order to keep it germ free. Some say that toothbrushes should be kept in a closed container, others say it is better to soak your toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash in order to eliminate all possible germs, some say that the best technique is to microwave the toothbrush for fifteen seconds and some say that the simplest and most effective way is to leave your toothbrush in the open air.

Which of these options is the best way to maintain your toothbrush the cleanest?

The answer is to leave your toothbrush in the open air. It is the simplest and most effective way to do so. After you use your toothbrush rinse it with tap water and let it air dry.

Keeping your toothbrush in an air-tight container will create the best environment for germs to grow.

Although swishing your mouth with and antibacterial mouthwash is beneficial to eliminate plaque and plaque-causing bacteria, there is no clinical evidence that using mouthwash or commercial toothbrush sanitizers is beneficial towards maintaining health.

Using a dishwasher or the microwave to clean your toothbrush is not a good idea since it might damage it.

For other dental devices such as retainers and dentures that you put in your mouth, the same procedure is recommended. Usually with dentures, a special cleanser might be recommended.

Don’t forget a toothbrush is not forever! It must be discarded after 3 months of usage.

By: Prisma Dental

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How Do You Store Your Toothbrush?
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