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How to Spot Gum Disease?


Gum disease is not as perceptible as for example tooth decay, it does not actually make a hole in your tooth and sometimes it might take a long time for gum disease to develop in order to give you clear signs of what is going on.

But knowing now the importance of healthy gums, it is simply a matter of observation, good oral hygiene habits and of routine visits and you will already be investing on your pearly whites and your heart.

Natural gums should be pink in color and they should be firm, the function of these healthy gums is to keep your teeth in place.

One of the most common signs and early symptoms of gum disease is when bleeding occurs either when you brush or floss your teeth, you might also experience swelling. The earlier you can spot these changes, the greater are the chances that you will be able to change the course of the development of gum disease.

For further tips and directions on how to brush and floss properly look up the various articles we have published for your convenience. But there is even more, it has been reported that the average person only spends around 40 seconds to brush their teeth while dentists would recommend from 1-3 minutes. This indicates that the process is usually very automatic.

In order to be sure that everything in your mouth is healthy and pink, it is necessary that you observe. Observe, which tooth is bleeding and where. Observe if there is plaque, observe if it hurts, observe if your floss smells.

If these early signs of gum disease go under the radar, you might end up having bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, feel that your teeth are becoming somehow loose and the bacteria can cause pockets full of pus under your teeth also known abscesses.

Just remember, simply by knowing your teeth, mouth, structure, color and keeping them clean and fresh will save you from an eminent heart attack. So why not start today?

By: Prisma Dental

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How To Spot Gum Disease?
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