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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, popularly known as wisdom teeth are often “impacted” which means that they do not come out straight or might half erupt.

Depending on various factors, such as the space available for them to accommodate, the size of the jaw of the patient and the positioning of nearby teeth it is necessary to extract them.

Many times we have mentioned the term of “impacted molars” but we seldom know that there are various types of impaction. In fact there are various reasons why these molars cannot accommodate into place such as: room in the person´s jaw to accommodate the tooth, surrounding teeth are obstructing the way and also the angle at which the tooth is coming out is not straight.

In this article we will go into the different variations of how teeth are “impacted”. Dentistry has used a number of terms for these impactions in order to describe the positioning of the impacted teeth.

Mesial, vertical horizonal and distal are the terms used to refer to the positioning of the wisdom tooth.

Mesial or mesio-angular is the orientation of a wisdom tooth that is angled forward to the front of the mouth, it is also the most common position which wisdom tooth erupt.

Vertical impactions is the normal orientation of tooth.

Horizontal impaction is when your wisdom tooth is lying on its side instead of coming out vertically.

Distal impaction is when your tooth´s position is directed towards the rear of your mouth.

Other terms related to impacted teeth are: soft-tissue and bony wisdom tooth impactions.

Soft tissue impaction is when the tooth´s crown has started to push through the bone but has not fully erupted to the surface of the gums.

The bony or hard-tissue impaction refers to a tooth that is lying primarily within the jawbone and a “full-bony” impaction refers to a tooth that is completely immersed in bone tissue and a “partial-bony” is a wisdom tooth that has somehow achieved to erupt.

Why is it important to know about all of these types of impactions? Because depending on the position of your wisdom tooth, the technique used for extraction will vary. For this reason, sometimes to extract a wisdom tooth a minor surgery is needed.

At Prisma Dental, we have seen all types of impactions, let us assess you with our expertise and friendly crew of world-class dentists.

By: Prisma Dental

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
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