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In-lays and On-lays a cosmetic approach to a perfect smile.

In-lays are indirect aesthetic restorations consisting of a rigid biocompatible material, they are indicated in cases were there is a significant tooth structure loss and were regular composite fillings are not indicated and a crown would be consider an over the top treatment.

In-lays can be made of porcelain, thermo/light cure composite or gold.

This technique involves fabricating the restoration in the laboratory using the dental impressions of the prepared tooth and finally cemented to the tooth several days after. During this time the patient wears a temporary to prevent any type of sensitiveness.


An on-lays the same as an in-lay, except that it incorporates a replacement of the tooth cusp and sometimes cover all the oclusal part of the tooth, this can be done also to achieve a more accurate bite, in cases were the bite is not correct.

This type of treatments generally is done when the patient needs to change old restorations like extensive old mercury fillings and looking for a more cosmetic final result.

Here at Prisma Dental every in-lay or on-lay is fabricated in our own dental laboratory on site, this way we can guarantee the quality of the materials use in every treatment.

If you want to know more about this dental procedure please call us or write to us and our dentist will be happy to help you.


Dr. Bernal Soto

In-lays And On-lays A Cosmetic Approach To A Perfect Smile.
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