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Infant’s oral health must be initiated in pregnancy

People need to realize that the infant´s oral health must be initiated during development and pregnancy. The mother´s diet habits during pregnancy are key to the adequate teeth formation that starts on the sixth week of development.

Consuming excess sugar and junk food during pregnancy may interfere with the adequate calcification of the infant´s teeth and with this increase the possibility of the baby developing cavities.

¨Once the baby is born it is important to not extend the breast feeding period, as it can produce ¨Bottle rot Syndrome¨, which is characterized by the dental infection produced by the substrate created by milk and its sugar, and by lactose¨, explained Dr. Telma Rubinstein.

Once the infant develops its teeth, it is recommended that they brush their teeth three times a day, use dental floss, and visit the dentist regularly to maintain a good oral health. Parents must avoid their children to go to sleep with the milk bottle, formula milk, juice, or any other sugary drinks in their mouths.

¨When the infant is between five to six years of age, it is ideal that they use fluoride containing tooth paste, however, it is not to be used before that age; there might be a risk of developing flourosis, which can affect future permanent teeth enamel by producing stains¨, recommends Dr. Telma Rubinstein.

In school ages it is ideal that children carry a medium soft tooth brush with them and fluoride containing tooth paste to be used after each meal, although the damage if this is not carried out is not aggressive.

Infant’s Oral Health Must Be Initiated In Pregnancy
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