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Laser Whitening Treatment Aftercare

Our smile says a lot about us, but what happens when we do not dare to smile because we are self-conscious of how our teeth look?

In those cases the easiest way to give your smile an instant makeover is to have a whitening treatment.

For those of you who have a hectic schedule and simply too busy during the day, opting for a laser whitening treatment can be a great option.

This innovative whitening procedure can be performed in just an hour and at Prisma Dental, we offer complimentary second session of 30 minutes included on the price in order to make sure you are happy with your renewed smile.

Once you walk out from your whitening session however there is an important period of 24-48 hours wherein extra care is needed. Just think of it, you have just removed stains from your teeth and you are sporting beautiful pearly whites, surely you do not want to restain them immediately.

Immediately after your laser whitening treatment, all the stains that have been accumulating on the surface of your teeth are removed, your teeth will be susceptible to discoloration as the pores of the teeth are open, they will need about 48 hours to restructure and close.

During those 48 hours it is utterly important to follow a simple rule: do not eat anything that can stain a white shirt.

For 48 hours consume only white foods and clear fluids and avoid smoking. The sacrifice will be worth it, since this will ensure that your pearly whites will remain white for as long as possible.

Remember that some of the most common drinks and foods will stain your newly whitened teeth include: cola, red wine, tea, coffee, beetroot, curry, chocolate, green vegetables amongst others.

This rule extends to even the toothpaste and mouthwash you use, if they are colored, avoid them unless your dentist prescribed it for you.

Want to sport a whiter, more attractive smile in under an hour? Contact Prisma Dental to schedule your laser whitening session today.

By: Prisma Dental

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Laser Whitening Treatment Aftercare
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