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More Than Just a Pretty Smile – Part 1

Oral Health encompasses so much more than just a pretty smile, to be able to flash your pearly whites well aligned and sparkling is definitely attractive, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye.

According to Dr. Telma Rubinstein from Prisma Dental, “Dental aesthetics goes beyond having teeth that are clean, sparkling white and aligned. It also includes having healthy gums and lips, free of inflammation or redness. For this reason, basic care must go beyond simply brushing your teeth.”

As part of a daily routine, teeth must be brushed three times a day after every meal, if this is not possible, you can chew a piece of sugarless gum, this will help increase salivary production which in turn enhances the process of fighting off bacteria that has remained in your mouth after food ingestion.

The surgeon adds that using dental floss is of ultimate importance and should be used at least once a day in order to eliminate the bacteria that accumulate in between the teeth and gums. As a compliment to this routine, mouth washes should also be incorporated. Mouthwashes however are not a direct substitute of either brushing or flossing your teeth.

Besides these practices there are also simple considerations that can be taken every day since they are related to your overall health as well. Dietary choices play an important role in your general health and it is not surprise that it also has a great impact on your oral health.

Dr. Rubinstein remarks that maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential. She explains: “Rice, pasta or bread have a very low capacity to produce cavities, the ingredient that represents a higher risk, so to speak is sucrose or table sugar. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the intake on refined sugars and increase the consumption of fresh fruit”.

Not all food is made the same, and there are a couple of items that can contribute to a greater extent the multiplication of the bacteria that cause cavities because of their capacity to remain for a longer time in direct contact with teeth. Some of these items are chewy candies and sweet pastries especially those covered with syrup.

By: Prisma Dental

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More Than Just A Pretty Smile – Part 1
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