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More Than Just a Pretty Smile – Part 2

Having picture perfect teeth is just one aspect of your overall oral health. In order to have a healthy mouth and a pretty smile your gums, inner cheeks and the structure that holds teeth in place must also be healthy.

According to Dr. Telma Rubinstein, “To diminish the consumption of drinks such as sodas, coffee, tea and red wine is recommendable in order to maintain a pleasant smile since these products can stain your teeth. It is also necessary to consider this point during whitening procedures.”

Another factor that affects the color of teeth is the habit of smoking. Tobacco damages your teeth and will slowly tint them with an unsightly yellow tone; it will also damage your gums and expose your teeth root which in turn will produce sensitivity.

In order to maintain an adequate oral cleanliness control, it is recommended to visit the dentist frequently. If a patient suffers from gum disease, he should visit a specialist every three months; otherwise twice a year would be sufficient.

A good oral health is the best way to avoid cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis which will affect the appearance and health of your smile. The first sign of a declining oral health is gingivitis, since it produces reddening, inflammation and bleeding of gums.

“Periodontitis is the direct consequence of not treating gingivitis on time; this has become the principal cause of the tooth loss in adults. It affects gums, bone and other support structures involved in maintaining teeth in place”, comments Dr. Rubinstein.

All of these complications can be easily prevented by applying the necessary caring techniques correctly. Other concerns that affect dental aesthetics is a poor bite; crooked teeth and spaces between teeth, can be corrected with an orthodontic treatment.

However, there are patients who do not want to invest the time required for orthodontic treatments to produce the desired results. In some cases in which the patient does not want to treat their problems with orthodontics, Prisma Dental offers other options such as dental crowns or veneers, depending on each person´s case, to correct these imperfections.

By: Prisma Dental

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More Than Just A Pretty Smile – Part 2
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