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Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 1

Besides performing routine checkups at your dentist, brushing your teeth and flossing, is there any way you could actually nurture your pearly whites inside out?

Lately there have been many studies in regards to the linkage between foods and cancer proving that there are foods that can “starve” cancer. If cancer can be “starved” in such a way that it does not develop fully, can cavities or their bacteria be somehow “starved” too?

Right now there is no such research to be found, however we have chosen a couple of foods and habits which are not only great for your diet but will also nurture your teeth inside out.

Water is still your best ally. Not only your body is made up of around 70% of water which allows it to function in perfect harmony, this is the best drink you can choose for your teeth. The reason is simple, since the acid that foods produce is the main cause of the demineralization of teeth, drinking water does not only quench your thirst, it also washes down the food and its remnants.

It is time for chocolate! Chocolate lovers you will simply love the news that this powerful anti-oxidant does not only keep your cells vibrant, it also protects your teeth from erosion and decay. Do bear in mind that dark chocolate is preferred since it has lower amounts of milk and sugar. Enjoy!

Welcome Omega 3. Omega 3 is not only good for your heart, it has been proven that these extraordinary fatty acids contain potent anti-inflammatory nutrients which will protect your gums. What does anti-inflammatory properties have to do with preserving your oral health? More than what meets the eye. Food that collects around the unreachable parts of your teeth may produce bacteria which may collect in pockets. This in turn might cause inflammation around the connective tissue which support your teeth and maintain them anchored to the bone. For this reason eating food that reduces inflammation may protect from gum disease.

By: Prisma Dental

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Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 1
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