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Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 2

We would like to continue discussing how to nurture your smile inside out. What else could you add to your diet that will not only ensure good overall health and vitality but will also support your oral health?

Welcome your day with citrus. Citrus juices and fruits are a great way to start out your day. They will sure replenish your body with Vitamin C to keep it vibrant with health and energy and will stimulate your salivary glands. Research shows that oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits have enamel-protecting qualities. Citrus juices and fruits also contain less sugar and come packed with water.

Snacking in between meals might be great for your metabolism, however in terms of oral health if you are not careful you might be opening up a door for bacteria. Snacking on sugar loaded power bars, pastries and cookies will not only add a couple of inches to your waistline, it will also stick to your teeth encouraging bacteria growth. If you are on the go and you are on a regime that includes snacking frequently, make sure that your snacks are low in sugar and starch.

Speaking of snacks, there are two items which you can add to your grocery list: milk and cheese. The latter protect tooth enamel and prevent cavities on various forefronts. They encourage saliva production, which neutralizes acids in the mouth. The protein, calcium and phosphorous in cheese and milk also protect the enamel from erosion and may even help strengthen the protective minerals on the tooth surface.

Spice up your life with caution. You might have heard over and over again that drinking sodas, wine, tea or coffee might not only stain your teeth, but they will also raise acid levels in your body, which will weaken the tooth enamel. But then again, what can you do if you would like to make most of the antioxidants that green tea and wine provide? Well, In order to acquire the highest benefit that tea, coffee or wine provide, always have them without sugar and make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.

By: Prisma Dental

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Nurturing Your Smile Inside Out – Part 2
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