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One Visit – Multiple Benefits – Simple

By now you may have read that regular check-ups with your dentist are recommended for proper oral hygiene and health. While your interior rebel might fight back at the mere thought of opening your mouth to a total stranger with devices that seem to poke at you, the truth is just one simple visit can actually save you a lot of heartache, headache, toothache and wallet ache.

Regular visits to the dentist´s office are not only advisable; they are the best way to maintain proper oral health over the years.

One of the most common recommendations is teeth cleaning, says Dr Rubinstein. These cleanings are vital in order to guard off plaque buildup which can lead to gingivitis. At different stages in life, these regular cleanings need to be more frequent, for example; after an orthodontic treatment.

With elder adults frequent visits not only monitor oral health, but also patient health in general, as the dentist will also check for the overall condition of the mouth. For patients with special needs, such as those with Parkinson´s, regular visits will allow them to have a much better quality of life.

Just one simple visit can make a big difference to your oral and overall health.

Contact Prisma Dental for all your routine check-ups and cleanings. At Prisma Dental we have your best oral health in mind.

One Visit – Multiple Benefits – Simple
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