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Oral Posture And Your Looks

Our face naturally has a balance which allows our tongue to rest at the roof of our mouth, we are able to close our lips without strain, slightly apart and our teeth to have enough space to be perfectly aligned.

This balanced is achieved by the development of the proper arc and size of the jaw and the whole bone structure of the face. When this occurs there is a proper balance between the forces of the tongue and the cheeks. Even if the child needs to have an orthodontic treatment the proper oral posture will allow the process to be stable and the results to be desirable.

However times have changed and it seems that our children grow with teeth that are always to big for their mouth, and we have even started to question our genes as we find no use for third molars anymore.

The first in-depth study about the relationship between facial balance and oral posture was documented and analyzed by Dr. Weston A. Price, he dedicated over a decade to study different groups of people in different cultures. In his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he goes in depth to describe how primitive people throughout the world started to show changes in their facial structure and teeth.

According to Dr. Price a significant change was visible when these groups of people started to consume “white man´s food”, namely the introduction of sugar and refined flour in their diet. He observed that parents with perfectly aligned teeth and jaws broad enough to host third molars without any problem were followed by a generation of children who would develop poorly aligned teeth and present changes in facial structure. But that is not all, he also noted that caries started to take its toll on the population which consumed sugar and flour.

When the oral posture is unbalanced changes in the balance of the face and teeth are likely to occur.

This is characterized by the tongue sitting low, teeth and lips are apart when the mouth is at rest, crowded teeth and gummy smiles. Also if this oral posture is not corrected it might also result in either recessive chins or long faces.

Your mouth, tongue, teeth and bone structure are an integral part of your face thus when you are considering a dental makeover there are many factors that are taken into consideration to achieve the look that you desire.

By: Prisma Dental

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Oral Posture And Your Looks
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