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Pediatric Dentistry : Luxury or Necessity?

There is a myth about children´s teeth which has somehow affected the way parents get involved with their children’s oral health.

Many believe that since children´s first set of teeth will eventually fall off, they are not as important and it is OK to loose them to caries. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Your child´s teeth are precious, and even though milk teeth will eventually fall off, they are the teeth responsible for your child´s wellbeing up to the age of 12. This set of teeth will be the ones in charge of the mastication process of your child during their formative years, just think of it, all the nutrients your child needs for growth is processed first in their mouth.

Without healthy oral care routines to keep teeth healthy and periodical check-ups to monitor them, caries may advance to such an extent it can affect school performance. The proper formation of teeth has plenty of other implications including speech development as well as comfort and self-esteem.

Here at Prisma we know how important the role of a pediatric dentist is, thus we made sure to have them on board! The pediatric dentist is a family friend, the professional who will treat your child with care and who will look after those tender pearly whites from the moment they sprout until their teens.

There is a tendency and Dr. Telma Rubinstein has observed throughout the years that more and more children are flooding to the clinic with caries and you as a parent have a major role in reversing this tendency.

Don´t wait until caries takes over your child´s teeth, make an appointment with our pediatric dentist today and invest in your child´s wellbeing and future.

By: Prisma Dental

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Pediatric Dentistry : Luxury Or Necessity?
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