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Perio Protect – A Revolutionary Treatment

At Prisma Dental we hand-pick the most effective and innovative treatments with proven results, and we are proud to offer Perio Protect as a treatment for periodontal disease.

Between your teeth and your gums there is a very small crevice called the gingival sulcus which is usually between 1-3mm deep in healthy gum tissue. Healthy oral habits will usually maintain this area clean. There are special cells in the sulcus that produce a fluid that flows out of the pocket called the crevicular flow, this irrigation system is the body´s natural way to maintain the area clean.

When food gathers in this area, a biofilm or the community of bacteria that grow in the spaces in between teeth and gums can create an infection. Early signs of gum disease include, swelling, bleeding, tenderness and sensitive teeth.

There are plenty of treatments for periodontal disease and in severe cases it might involve surgical flap procedures and bone re-contouring. But even with surgery, there have been case studies wherein patients go through surgical periodontal procedures only to return a couple of years later with a significant growth of periodontal pockets despite of rigorous home care.

Perio Protect introduces a new way to tackle gum disease with their custom-made trays they deliver a prescribed treatment directly into periodontal pocket.

Amazing results have been reported with case studies indicating periodontal pockets went from 5-6 mm to normal in matter of weeks. These results were also sustained and lost bone regenerated.

Perio Protect are custom-made, easy to use retainers which were designed to deliver prescribed treatments to the place it needs to be delivered: the gingival sulcus.

When there is an infection, crevicular flow can increase up to thirty times as a way to protect the area from bacteria and “wash it out”. However, this will hinder all efforts from patients or doctors to deliver medication that will eliminate bacteria from the pockets.

Perio Protect maintains the prescribed medication in place and allows enough time for the treatment to tackle bacteria on your gums and thus effectively control its growth and provide you long-lasting benefits.

By: Prisma Dental

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Perio Protect – A Revolutionary Treatment
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