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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Have you noticed your teeth are longer than they used to be?

It doesn´t matter how old you are, your gums can be at risk. The reasons are several: plaque accumulation, previous orthodontic treatment, occlusion problems, or even a deficient brushing technique, amongst others.

Gingival recession consists of the migration of the gums margin from its normal position within the crown-root limit to lower positioning below this limit, exposing the surface of the tooth´s root.

Gingival recession can be corrected with periodontal plastic surgery, in which a partial or total covering of the tooth´s root is performed, bringing back the esthetic of a smile and avoiding plaque accumulation. If this gingival recession is not corrected and it is left unattended, it can enlarge to the point that it can cause tooth loss.



Periodontal Plastic Surgery
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