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Periodontic Treatments Can Save Your Heart

Mr. Lee was brought up in a family where oral hygiene meant brushing your teeth twice a day as most families around the world do.

It was until his bad breath became a concern that he decided to seek the advice of a dentist. By the time he approached the periodontist his two front teeth were in bad shape and he felt them moving frequently.

He timidly acknowledged that he had experienced bleeding while brushing his teeth for years and he did not know what it meant or what was the cause his condition. The only thing he knew was that he would not stand having to swish his mouth in a mouthwash every couple of hours because he could not stand his own bad breath. He was just in his 30´s but he felt that he would loose his teeth anytime.

There are many Mr. Lee´s out there, who have no idea that bleeding while brushing your teeth is not normal and who simply did not have access to as much information as we have available for you right now.

Deep down Mr. Lee also hoped that the problem might go away after all, he had not visited many dentists in his life and he did not like to be on a chair with a light aiming at his mouth. So he tried to solve the “simple” issue of having bad breath alone, until it went out of his hands.

What is so amazing about what we do at Prisma Dental is that we know that with every step we take we are actually saving lives. Why? As we have mentioned in a previous article, the bacteria that lead to gum disease can provoke cardiovascular illnesses.

And what puts a smile on our faces is that we have the most efficient procedures to help you solve this condition. Unconvinced? Take a look at Perio Protect for example, it is one of the most innovative and safe ways to combat gum disease.

We picked this treatment to offer to our Prisma patients because we are confident that the results will amaze you. Book your appointment today.

For more information on Perio Protect Click Here

By: Prisma Dental

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Periodontic Treatments Can Save Your Heart
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