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Preparations Before Performing a Root Canal Treatment

We all would like to have pain-free procedures, nowadays with all the medical and technological advances, this is possible. Having a root canal procedure has always been linked to anxiety, stress, and the fear of pain when in reality this procedure can be painless.

Before performing a root canal treatment, have a conversation with your dentist. Ask your dentist to explain to you exactly how the procedure will be done and why, how many visits it will take, how many days should you rest, how much the procedure costs and any other query you have in mind. We only fear what the unknown. Understanding the root canal procedure will give it a whole new perspective, a more objective one.

If you are on medications, do let your dentist know which type of medications you are taking. Ask which medications you are recommended to take before and after the procedure in case there is pain or discomfort.

Discuss the sedation alternatives available for you if you have dental phobia.

It is generally recommended that you should not smoke or drink for at least 12 hours before the procedure and 24 hours after. Also, it is not recommended to eat or drink 8 hours before the treatment is performed. However if you will be having local anesthesia you may have a light meal an hour before the procedure.
Brush and floss before you go for your root canal treatment.

If necessary, make proper arrangements so you will not need to drive after the procedure. This is specially recommended when local anesthesia is applied since you will be in a relaxed state for a couple of hours after your procedure is finished.

Wear comfortable clothes and do not use make-up or jewelry.

Follow the post-procedure instructions faithfully to avoid re-infection.

Simply rest and heal.

By: Prisma Dental

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Preparations Before Performing A Root Canal Treatment
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