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Prescribed Vacations for Your Health

Vacation is a word that can evoke the feeling of peace and relaxation for some and for others it might bring up the image of a series of activities and different touristic places packed into one week.

According to the Wellness Tourism Worldwide, a wellness travel business that conducted an extensive research about the preferences of travelers, the perspective about travel has been changing and nowadays health and wellbeing are two concepts that are intricately woven into the word vacation.

Vacations prescribed for your health
Physicians are currently prescribing a stress antidote which does not come in the form of a pill. They are actually recommending their patients to take vacations. They are also prescribing more physical activity in parks in order to treat children with obesity and diabetes.

Travel Slowly
Say goodbye to visiting 10 sites and five cities within one week, traveling is all about savoring life, enjoying every bite of dripping pasta, every sip of wine and every ray of the sunset. Travelling was meant to be enjoyable, happy and stress-free and it seems that travelers are looking for more unique, intimate and relaxing experiences.

The Wellness Culture
A large segment of travelers might not choose to stay at one of the wellness retreats, attend seminars, take tours or even splurge on spas; however they are committed to a healthy lifestyle while traveling. In this segment there are leisure and business travelers and they’ve caught the attention of hotels and other venues. The increasing request for vegetarian options in flights and the growing demand for more environment friendly products to be sold at airports are two examples of this trend.

More Than Pampering
The image of high-end spas has been appealing to the most affluent for years now and currently they are on a mission to change that image. Spas are focusing on taking the relaxation, nurturing of the body and mind to the next level of wellness. Many spas in Costa Rica, for example have started to apply holistic health techniques and knowledge in order to make the experience deliciously unforgettable and therapeutic.

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Prescribed Vacations For Your Health
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