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Prisma Dental wins prestigious AAAASFI accreditation

Prisma Dental is proud and honored to be among the first medical facilities in Costa Rica to be accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International (AAAASFI).

The AAAASFI review process is comprehensive and thorough,” said Dr. Josef Cordero Pinczanski, D.D.S. “We’re pleased to have it recognized that we are in compliance with the highest professional standards for our facilities and methods. Our patients deserve the best and this is one way of letting them know that they are getting the best.”

According to the AAAASF, the vast majority of ambulatory surgery facilities even in the United States are still unaccredited, operating independent of any peer review and inspection process. A growing number of states and specialty societies, however, are recognizing the need for mandatory accreditation. AAAASF has been and continues to be in the forefront of these legislative efforts.

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc., based in Illinois, was established in 1980 to develop an accreditation program to standardize and improve the quality of medical and surgical care in ambulatory surgery facilities while assuring the public of high standards for patient care and safety in an accredited facility.

The organization’s mission is to develop and implement standards of excellence to ensure the highest quality of patient care through an accreditation program that serves both the medical community and the public interest by establishing a means for measuring medical competence and providing an external source for evaluating patient safety in the ambulatory surgery setting.

To accomplish this mission, AAAASF has the following goals:

To provide the medical community and the public interest with a means of standardizing and improving the quality of medical and surgical care in the ambulatory environment:
To encourage the highest level of competence for medical and surgical care of patients in the ambulatory setting.

To provide a forum for the discussion of new concepts in ambulatory surgery care and a repository of information that can be disseminated to the public and medical community.
To encourage constant improvement in the quality of care provided to patients in the ambulatory surgery setting.

To provide a means of measuring both medical and surgical competence, and ethical conduct, by providing an external source for the evaluation of professional credentialing, patient safety and quality of care.

The certificate of accreditation is a symbol to patients that the accredited facility has taken the additional step of opening its practice to the scrutiny of an international organization dedicated to patient safety. This could be a deciding factor for those patients seeking the highest quality results in the safest environments.

Dr. Ronald Iverson, President of AAAASFI

Prisma Dental Wins Prestigious AAAASFI Accreditation
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