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Protect Your Child’s Teeth with a Sealant

What is a Sealant?

It is a thin coat of plastic that is painted on the surface of teeth, usually the premolars and molars in order to prevent caries. This sealant is effective since it can be spread over the chewing surfaces of teeth and can bond into the grooves of teeth, thus creating a protective shield.

Sealants are usually applied on the back teeth because they are considered to be vulnerable to caries since no matter how meticulous you are at flossing or how many times you brush your teeth, most probably you will not be able to reach every nook and cranny.

Sealants effectively provide a protective layer on top of the enamel and will prevent plaque and food to set into the depressions and grooves of back teeth.

Children and teenagers are the best candidates for sealants. Children are prone to caries from age 6 -14 and applying a sealant as soon as a child’s permanent molars and premolars erupt can be a great way to protect your child from tooth decay.

Adults can also apply a sealant on their back teeth, as long as they do not have cavities, decay or fillings.

Some babies might also need to have this protective shield applied. When a baby’s teeth have deep depressions and groves, a sealant is recommended. Although this set of milk teeth will be replaced afterwards, keeping them is of utmost importance for they have a main role in holding the correct spacing for permanent teeth.

It is important that parents understand that milk teeth are as important as permanent ones and that it is necessary to keep them healthy and free of decay too.

After a sealant is applied it can last up to ten years, however regular check-ups are recommended since they can chip or wear off.

By: Prisma Dental

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Protect Your Child’s Teeth With A Sealant
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