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Recommendations and Oral Treatments for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

A person with Parkinson’s can receive dental care and can practically receive any type of treatment as long as it is not contraindicated by the physician.

“Patients are attended in the same way others are, however more time is dedicated to them since some might require rest periods during their specific treatment,” says Dr. Telma Rubinstein.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease usually lack motion control thus making it difficult to brush and floss properly. For this reason, dental hygiene is the procedure which needs most attention. It should be noted that there is no contraindication to use the materials or drugs that are needed for dental treatment in a person with Parkinson’s, unless the physician indicates that the patient cannot come into contact with any of these materials or drugs.

“Generally all dental materials used are biocompatible which means they can interact with living tissues without causing damage or inconvenience; therefore they should present no problem for patients with Parkinson’s or any other patient,” says Rubinstein .

These patients should practice good oral hygiene such as brushing their teeth three times a day, flossing and regular dental visits just like any patient.

In order to facilitate the task of maintaining proper oral hygiene, electric toothbrushes and devices which eject water with high pressure are highly recommended. Devices which eject a water stream can clean the debris and also massage the gums.

Because of the nature of Parkinson´s disease, it is also recommended that someone assist the patient during the cleaning process and to check that it was done properly.

By: Prisma Dental

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Recommendations And Oral Treatments For Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
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