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Reconnect to Happiness

Step on a plane, travel for long hours and then be rushed into a bus from site to site is no longer an attractive to many tourists.

Traveling nowadays is more related to an improved state of relaxation, mind clarity, emotional and physical wellness.

When tourists from developed countries come to Costa Rica, some are looking for great hotels and huge shopping malls and entertainment, and to tell you the truth if you are looking for the entertainment of a cosmopolitan city, Costa Rica is still young compared to other cities.

However we offer another view to life, a way to reconnect with nature, with family and also to your essence.

Disconnect to Reconnect
If you remain in the Metropolitan areas you will have WIFI practically everywhere you go as well as accessibility of phone, TV and computers. However if you decide to go adventure trekking in the jungle, at a volcano, or river rafting you will not even think about checking your Face book status anymore. What you will experience will be so much more intense and interesting than the digital world and that can be priceless. In a world where we are mostly digitally connected but naturally disconnected, being able to be in the moment, and enjoying a new experience in nature is definitely a breath of fresh air. You will reconnect to your own emotions, to your body, to nature and will disconnect from living life through a screen.

Reconnect Through Nature
When was the last time you smelled the musky scent of a rainforest? When was the last time you were overwhelmed by the sound of so many different types of birds you cannot even name? Now that you are not looking at life from a screen, you can actually smell, feel, touch and be amazed by what Costa Rica has to offer.

By: Prisma Dental

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Reconnect To Happiness
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