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Root Canals – Myths and Facts

A root canal treatment is a procedure which is performed when the tooth decay is very extensive or when it has become infected. The procedure will remove the pulp and the nerve of the teeth, clean the inside of the decayed tooth followed by sealing it. We would like to clear some myths about this procedure.

One of the most common myths is that root canal treatment is very painful. Nowadays there are many efficient anesthetic options and root canal treatment can be practically painless.

Another very common myth is that this treatment takes many visits to the dentist. The truth is that the amount of visits vary. Your dentist can give you detailed information in regards to how many visits you will require. Also, newer techniques have emerged, and root canal treatments of a single visit have become popular and practical.

There is also a myth that after the root canal treatment is performed, dental crowns are not required. There is a possibility that the tooth becomes brittle after the nerve, the pulp and all the decayed area is removed, sometimes a crown will be required.

It has been rumored that if the tooth is not in pain then there is no need for a root canal. What happens is that sometimes after a phase of acute pain is over, pain is no longer experienced, however, the infection might have reached the tooth pulp or nerve. When this happens it is necessary to perform a root canal.

There are also those who think that it is useless to perform a root canal treatment since it will eventually fall off. This cannot be farther from the truth; once root canal treatment is done the tooth can last you a lifetime if proper oral hygiene is practiced.

By: Prisma Dental

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Root Canals – Myths And Facts
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