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Should You Invest in an Oral Irrigation System?

Oral irrigation consists of using a dental water jet that pulsates a stream of water in order to remove food debris and plaque.

This home care system has been used to improve gingival health since it can reach below the gumline. The main point of using this device is to reduce harmful bacterial present in the mouth, thus it contributes to lower the chances and severity of periodontal disease.

Everyone and anyone can make use of this device, however it has been recommended for patients with periodontal disease, diabetes, orthodontic appliances, crowns and lately it is also highly recommended for patients dental implants.

Since it was first developed in 1962 many models have been designed, we will delve deeply into the different types of oral irrigators and their pros and cons in another article.

This device has been the focus of many studies and it has shown a positive effect in keeping gingivitis at bay. Recent studies have shown that using an oral irrigator can be even more effective than flossing in terms of plaque reduction.

An oral irrigator can easily access into those nooks and crannies that you cannot have access when using a tooth brush or even dental floss. And since oral hygiene is one of the most determinant factors for the longevity of your implants, an oral irrigator could be a good option for you.

Each patient has different necessities, and for patients with periodontal disease, some dentists recommend to add an antimicrobial to the water and use a special tip designed to reach deep into the gum pocket.

According to a study at the University of Southern California, a 3 second treatment of pulsating water at medium pressure removed 99.9% of plaque from the treated areas.

By: Prisma Dental

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Should You Invest In An Oral Irrigation System?
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