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Soft Diet After Oral Surgery

A dental implant requires a surgical procedure and also time for resting, healing and bone integration.

Usually doctors will recommend patients to go under a soft diet for around a week. Now when we think of soft diets we might frown in disgust thinking a very tasteless and lame week is ahead of us, but it doesn´t need to be like that.

Make that soft diet week a pleasurable one by following our tips, the key is variety so even if you are eating soft veggies and soups you can make the whole process, fun, delicious and nutritious.

A soft diet consists of foods that are easy to chew and swallow. In order to have this soft texture you can chop, mash, puree and ground your favorite foods.

Tips to prepare nutritious, delicious soft food:

  • Use a food processor and simply stash it with your favorite foods and make a delicious puree, you do not need to feel that a soft diet is restrictive at all.
  • Cut food in small pieces so that they are easy to chew and swallow.
  • Get creative with broths and sauces, think of hot chicken broth or gravy. You can use these to moisten crackers or crunchy pieces of bread.
  • Cook all your veggies until they are so soft you can mash them into puree.
  • Have plenty of juice and smoothies with refreshing fresh seasonal fruit.
  • Enjoy your favorite waffles, pancakes and muffins. Be sure to moisten them with jelly, syrup or butter.
  • You can have pasta, rice or noodles too.
  • Fish, poultry and meat are permitted, the key is that poultry and meat need to be chopped in very small pieces or you can have them pureed.
  • You can also enjoy dessert with milkshakes and ice-cream.
  • Other foods you can also consider is cheese and tofu.
  • Do avoid peas, corn, peanuts, any bread with a crust, granola or pieces of coconut, dried meat such as beef jerky, big pieces of meat, dried fruit, crispy fruits such as apples, stringy fruit such as mangoes, raw vegetables that are difficult to chew such as carrots and any food that will require effort while chewing or can stick in between your teeth.

By: Prisma Dental

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Soft Diet After Oral Surgery
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