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State of the Art CT Scans at Your Service

Computerized tomography scans (CT Scans) are mostly used in medical procedures because of their image quality and detail.

Since it is taken from several different angles it allows a true three-dimensional representation of a specific object.

Here at Prisma Dental, in our quest to provide our patients with the best equipment to assess their specific condition, we use this state-of-art technological device to evaluate dental implants, surgical procedures and bone condition.

For us the CT Scan is essential in the process of evaluating dental implants, the CT Scan has an upper hand when compared to conventional panoramic X-rays since it can effectively determine the bone quality, width and height of the jaw.

Why is this important?

The human jaw, consisting of the mandible and maxilla hold the upper and lower teeth. In patients that have lost one , several or all teeth, bone loss is very common. And usually a great option for these patients in order to regain their quality of life is to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

However, the success of these new dental implants will depend on the quality of the bone structure that composes the jaw as well as the width and height of the jaw that is necessary for implants to be successful. In this process the CT scan delivers the necessary and accurate information for the assessment of the patient´s condition.

At Prisma Dental, we have chosen with care to acquire the best equipment for our clinic, for us having the CT scan right at our fingertips is important so that we can study each case immediately and effectively.

With these CT Scans we can provide with accuracy the optimal site for implant placement for each patient.

We understand that time is important for you, specially when you have to fly over to Costa Rica to have your dental implants and detailed vacation planning is involved.

For this reason our vision for Prisma Dental was to create a centralized clinic wherein we do not have to depend on external providers thus reducing unnecessary waiting time.

By: Prisma Dental

For any questions about our dental services you can contact us at or to our phone numbers: (506) 2291-5151 in Costa Rica or toll free at 866-741-8194 in United States.

State Of The Art CT Scans At Your Service
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