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Stress & Oral Health

Maintaining good overall health and oral health is not a luxury but a true necessity, however, during periods of heavy workload and changes, stress levels spike leading us to place our health as a second priority.

In regards to oral health, stress can cause ulcers and gum disease. Mouth sores are small ulcers usually white or gray in color with a red border. They usually appear inside the mouth. They can appear in pairs or in larger numbers. Research has shown that stress, fatigue and allergies can be factors which increase the risk of getting them.

Usually mouth ulcers disappear in 7-10 days and are not contagious. In order to reduce irritation and pain, topical anesthetics bought over-the-counter in the form of a gel can be applied. Also reduce the intake of spicy or hot foods, and avoid foods which are acidic such as citrus fruits.

There are other types of sores that appear in and around the oral cavity such as cold sores are caused by the Herpes virus and are contagious, which are not meant to be confused with ulcers. They are characterized by blisters full of fluid which then burst; they usually appear around the lips.

Oral herpes is transmitted by touch. It is recommended to avoid kissing or oral sex during a full-fledged episode. The time required to heal is around a week, treatment is available over-the-counter. As soon as a cold sore starts developing consult your doctor or dentist.

Dr. Josef Cordero explains that stress can lead to an increase in dental plaque. “The sticky material that is collected in between the gum-line and the tooth harbors bacterial growth. In the long term, high stress levels affect the risk of bleeding gums and gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can progress into gum disease”. You can avoid collecting bacteria in the gum line by visiting your dentist at Prisma Dental.

In order to maintain plaque at bay, make it a habit to brush twice, floss daily and use an antibacterial mouthwash or toothpaste specially when under a lot of stress.

There are plenty of stress coping techniques which can be implemented, applying them can lead to an overall sense of wellness. This will have a great impact on all areas of your life.

By: Prisma Dental

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Stress & Oral Health
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