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Taking Care of Your Investment – Dental Implants

You have gone great lengths to have your dental implants put into place. The procedure in itself does not only represent an investment in terms of money, but time as well so it makes sense to follow a good oral hygiene routine to make them last.

Dental implants are usually divided in two categories: one-stage and two-stage implants. In the single stage or one-stage implant the oral surgeon installs the implant in the bone and there is a healing cap that is also put into place that will stick out of or your gums. In a two-stage implant as the name reveals it takes two times to have the implant installed properly. The first stage involves installing the implant in the bone and then it is covered with the gums, two weeks later a healing cap is placed and this will stick out of the gum.

The whole idea of keeping your implant in top shape has a lot to do with keeping that portion of the implant that sticks out clean. If you don’t take care of your implants you can develop an inflammation and if you allow the condition to continue without treatment you could eventually lose bone around the implant. And if you have been catching up on our blog, losing bone has many consequences, which you might want to avoid.

Taking good care of your implants is not difficult or complicated at all, it takes a soft toothbrush and a small variation to the flossing technique. Also if you are a smoker, quitting would be a great way to make sure your implants will last for as long as they are meant to last.

How to brush your implants?

A great way to brush your implants is to angle a soft toothbrush directly towards the gum margin and wiggle it a little bit and then sweeping outwards to the surface of the tooth, this motion will make sure to clean any food particles that stick to the base of your implants.

How to floss your implants?

You will take a piece of 8 to 12 inches and wrap it around your fingers as usual, you will saw the floss in between your teeth and rub it down the length of the implant thus thoroughly cleaning the gum-line and then use another portion of clean floss and proceed with the rest of teeth and implants. Interdental brushes are also a great tool to use in order to reach those areas where you cannot usually reach.

By: Prisma Dental

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Taking Care Of Your Investment – Dental Implants
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