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Technology at the Tip of Your Teeth

Technology benefits every area of our lives including oral health.

Take a look at some of the implements that dentists have been using to make your dental experience even more effective and precise.

Air abrasion
Air abrasion is a procedure used to remove small areas of decay or to prepare a tooth for the placement of restorations or sealants. This procedure uses an air compression device to deliver, under pressure, tiny particles of aluminum oxide onto the surface of a tooth structure to blast away decay. This is similar to sandblasting a building in order to clean it. With air abrasion, discomfort is minimized and many patients do not need any anesthesia. Children and adults who are fearful of needles, noise or the vibration of a regular dental device may prefer this option if it is available.

Digital x-rays
Digital radiography is a very useful tool that allows dentists to detect clearly and efficiently bone loss, tooth decay and root canals. The process is very similar to that of traditional x-ray systems, however it is a bit faster and the exposure to radiation is less. To take a digital X-ray, a sensor with the appearance of a film is placed on a tooth. And then the picture is taken, after that the dentist can adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture in order to find in detail even the smallest areas of decay. With digital x-rays, chemicals that are usually used to process films are eliminated.

Lasers have been implemented in many areas concerning health including dentistry. Lasers have become a good alternative to the traditional drill since anesthesia is not needed. The use of lasers during a procedure is more precise and many times it reduces the healing time and symptoms which are commonly associated with traditional methods. Some of the procedures where lasers have become quite common are; whitening, removal of tooth decay and gum disease therapy.

At Prisma Dental, technology is one of our most important assets, we value accurate diagnosis thus we have implemented high-tech radiology and tomography imaging services at our clinic.

By: Prisma Dental

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Technology At The Tip Of Your Teeth
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