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Teeth destruction caused by drug addiction

In general, drug consumption causes many health issues that can affect, not only those who use it, but their family as well.

The main drugs that affect our teeth the most are:


Cannabis or Marihuana:

The biggest problem this drug causes in our mouth is periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis. This disease affects the tissues that offer support to the teeth, which are the gums and bone around the area. It creates general decay, and, in severe cases, the patients lose their teeth. Additionally, these users don’t maintain good oral hygiene, which produces more dental issues, such as cavities.


This substance can be used in several ways, all harmful, but the ways that affect the dental area the most are smoking or rubbing on the gums and teeth. This substance is very acid, so it destroys the tooth enamel, leaving the teeth unprotected and vulnerable to easily produce cavities. It also generates dry mouth, creating an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that cause additional damage.

When smoked, it potentiates the problem with gums and teeth causing damage to the palate and mouth ulcers.


It is a very addictive drug with serious health side effects. Its consequences in oral health are severe, since the substance is very acid, causing severe deterioration of the teeth. It decomposes or erodes the teeth and decreases the production of saliva, leaving the mouth dry and unprotected, resulting in an excess of cavities and periodontitis.


People who use this drug are known to have dry mouth and involuntary bruxism, which is the habit of clenching or grinding the teeth, creating a severe wear of the teeth.

After the person manages to solve their addiction, it is important to work in a process of personal reconstruction, including going back to having a good diet and nutrition. Therefore, it is essential to receive immediate dental treatment, to regain the bite function, chewing ability, healthy smile and, at the same time, removing the pain caused by the usage of drugs.

A detailed evaluation of each tooth will provide a good start to restore the person’s damaged teeth. At that moment, the doctor will offer the options available for the patient to complete this purpose: from implants, gum treatment, root canals; to crowns, veneers and many others.

Teeth Destruction Caused By Drug Addiction
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