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Teeth in Ancient Times

Today we would not able to imagine ourselves without a toothbrush and toothpaste, but what did people use before these were invented?

How did our ancestors “cure” toothache?

Today we will take you on a journey through history and have a look at what different cultures did.

Toothpaste anyone?
Toothpaste as we know it was invented roughly a century ago. Have you ever wondered what people used a thousand or even two thousand years ago to clean their teeth? The answer might surprise you. Some of the ingredients that were used to clean teeth were: chalk, charcoal, ashes, lemon juice and even a mixture of honey and tobacco. There are even more ingredients which nowadays would be impossible to use, powder made of ashes of ox hooves and burnt eggshells were also used and ancient Romans used to crush oyster shells and bones as dental hygiene products.

Historical Painkillers – How did people relieve tooth pain?
During the middle ages in Germany, it was believed that if you kissed a donkey, your toothache would go away.
In ancient China, a way to relieve a toothache was to wrap a special type of parchment paper which contained written prayers and incantations around the tooth. This practice was believed to relieve pain.

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Teeth In Ancient Times
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