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The effects of dieting on our teeth

Diets designed for weight-loss can create a mayor impact on your oral health.

When one is on a low-fat diet, you can diminish the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like, A,D, E and K. These vitamins help the absorption of calcium. Additionally, we need to take into consideration that many times manufacturers place additional sugar to reduced fat foods to preserve taste and texture, this promotes the possibilities of cavities.

When you are on a low-carb diet (or no carbs at all), your body starts burning fat instead of the carbohydrates for energy, creating a unique smell in your breath of acetone or rotten fruit. You can diminish this smell by increasing the amount of drinking water and brushing regularly.

In other diets eliminating calories has been proven effective forlosing weight however malnutrition can create week bone structure, resulting in teeth shifting or even loosing teeth. There even is a high probability of cavities and can make the patient prone to periodontal diseases.

We at Prisma Dental, highly suggest investigating thoroughly a diet, prior to beginning and committing to a weight loss program. However, once these oral health issues appear, there are many alternative procedures to restore your oral health and smile. There are procedures such asscaling per quadrant, crowns, veneers, dental implants that can help you regain your functions, esthetic smile and health in a small period of time.

Please contact us today for more information on regaining your oral health and smile.

The Effects Of Dieting On Our Teeth
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