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The Enigmatic Story of the Ruins of Cartago

The capital of San José is where most of the population lives and where practically all of its activities whether they are social, economical or transaction based is located.

Leaving the capital to explore more of what the country has to offer is a way to connect with nature and with the essence of our country.

There is a type of charm when you decide to take the hold of the wheels and drive your way around, it is the best way to explore for you can always stop where you want and for the time period that pleases you both.

On this note I will be taking you from our current capital San José to the original capital, Cartago.

Cartago is a province and it is famous for being the first capital that our country had, because of its historical richness, Cartago is a great place to go. Cartago is about an hour’s drive and it is also accessible by bus.

The highway towards Cartago is smooth and once you reach the central park you will encounter the famous ruins of Cartago, there is a park beside the ruins and this has become a very important point for buses to stop.

Usually the scenery paints like this: elderly men and women are chilling in the park, they watch all of those who pass by with interest and also with ease, they are there at the park taking a bit of sun and also enjoying their stay without doing more than observe.

The ruins of Cartago are renowned for a reason, deep within the walls of these ruins; a story has remained for centuries. These ruins date back to the 16th century and are part of Cartago’s first basilica.

It was destroyed after an earthquake and although there were many attempts to rebuild it, it was impossible for an earthquake would come again and would render all efforts useless. For this reason the plans of reconstructing it were abandoned and rumor has it that the place is bewitched.

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The Enigmatic Story Of The Ruins Of Cartago
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