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The Healing Environment of a Modern Dental Clinic

How would you feel if you walked into a dental office, and your first impression of it is that it is welcoming, warm, nurturing and healing?

Dental clinics have changed through the years, and nowadays you will find those which offer an environment so soothing you could feel you are in a spa, from the moment you walk into reception, a kind smile will greet you, soothing colors envelop you and the smell of freshness filters through your nostrils. Others will have special themes and tech gadgets to satisfy the interests of their patients and for children there are those which look like theme parks.

But not all is a hype or just a way to satisfy the demand of patients for a soothing environment, there is science behind all of these changes that have taken place along the years… for good.

Behavioral scientist Karin Dijkstra did and in-depth research on what we call “healing environments”. She studied the effects of how the physical care of the environment can have an impact on the well-being of patients. And what is even more intriguing is that this environment can actually aid the recovery of patients. A healing environment in any office can be easily created by adding plants and implementing a soothing color scheme and also with music.

Classical music when implemented in the waiting room can reduce the anxiety and stress of patients at a dentist or general doctor´s waiting room. The study shows that playing classical music in waiting rooms not only reduced stress and anxiety, it also endowed the waiting room with a more professional atmosphere and would make it more attractive. Pop music however did not have the same type of results in the study and whether the patient liked classical music or not it had a soothing effect nonetheless.

Nature and colors also play an important part in hospitals and counseling rooms. Studies show that a plant or just the painting of a tree could not only reduce the stress in patients as well as aid in the rapid recovery. In this report it was also mentioned that white is the color that patients perceive as professional and in the case of psychologists, when their offices where painted with this color, they would tell more about themselves.

Just imagine simple changes in the environment like these can yield amazing results and make patients feel welcomed, safe and aid in their recovery process.

By: Prisma Dental

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The Healing Environment Of A Modern Dental Clinic
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