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The Importance of Monitoring Your Implants

You have gone through great lengths to have your implants, some of you might even have decided to travel abroad to have this important procedure done. Now that you are back home, what should you do?

A dental hygienist is the key for the effective maintenance of your dental implants, and it is advisable that even when you had your procedures done abroad, to get in touch with a dental hygienist in your area so that your implants can be checked and monitored from time to time. Why is this necessary?

Did you know that some implants cannot integrate properly because of bacterial infection?

A dental hygienist can be crucial in preventing and controlling bacterial infection.

But what happens specifically when you visit a dental hygienist or therapist?

They will go over your medical history. Why is this so important? Because any change in your overall health can have a huge impact in the overall success of your implants. Your implants work hand in hand with your body as a whole, and every area of your health will affect the success rate that your implants have. For example if a patient has uncontrolled diabetes, this situation may cause in a higher risk of peri-implantitis which in turn can lead to implant failure.

Then they will make an assessment of your implants. This assessment will include a visual assessment of the soft tissue. Here your dental hygienist will be carefully looking for any type of inflammation, pain or mobility of the implant. Two words to remember are peri-mucositis which is a reversible inflammatory reaction with no bone loss and peri-implantitis which is an irreversible inflammation with bone loss.

Last but not least comes the safe polishing of dental implants. After careful assessment, your dental hygienist will see if there is any calculus present either on the implant or the abutments. Usually minimal or no instrumentation will be needed to remove calculus and extra care is needed since the clinician need ts to avoid either scratching or roughening the surface since it will make it easier for bacteria to accumulate later on.

By: Prisma Dental

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The Importance Of Monitoring Your Implants
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