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The Psychology behind a Lost Tooth

Losing one or more teeth can have a deep impact both physically and psychologically.

According to the Silberg Center for Dental Science, approximately 30% of the working or retired U.S population is either missing a tooth or a number of teeth.

This loss will eventually control the decisions we take on certain areas of life including jobs that we choose, the food we eat and even the friends we make. Although it might sound too serious to be true, losing teeth can cause depression.

If a person has lost a visible tooth, he or she might feel ashamed of how their appearance and avoid working at jobs wherein they need to interact constantly with clients. They might also avoid situations where they attract attention towards them and will prefer to be always “in the dark”.

When a tooth at the back of the mouth is lost, although it is not visible it can still affect our mood since it affects the way we choose foods. A sense of dissatisfaction might arise since the individual will feel that he cannot eat his favorite foods and will feel the constraint of having to switch to a diet with soft foods.

Poor self-esteem can also be a result of loosing teeth. How so?

Well, the individual might feel more conscious about his or her looks and in turn feel less physically attractive. Such is the case when the loss of teeth affects the bone structure of the jaw, cheeks might sag giving the individual a more “sunken” and mature look. When the tooth lost is visible, people will also avoid situations where they need to smile such as in photos and situations where they need to speak in public. They will more likely prefer to stay at home instead of assisting social events.

Luckily, the field of dentistry has evolved in such a way that you can easily replace that missing tooth and regain both confidence and the ability of eating the foods you love most.

By: Prisma Dental

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The Psychology Behind A Lost Tooth
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