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The Relationship Between Progesterone and Your Mouth

Progesterone is a hormone which supports gestation and the female menstrual cycle. The overall effects that this hormone can have in your body might translate to oral health issues.

Certain birth control pills contain progesterone; with the increase of this hormone in the body, it is possible that the gums react in a very sensitive manner. Women who take progesterone pills might encounter swollen gum tissues as a reaction to the toxins released from plaque. If you are taking an oral contraceptive, be sure you inform your dentist which type of contraceptive you are taking.

Progesterone is secreted naturally in the body of pregnant women; after all it is the hormone in charge of the whole gestation process. With the gestation process comes all the changes the body suffers such as fluid retention, swelling of all the tissue, nausea and vomiting as well as changes in eating habits. All of these changes can affect oral health.

An increased level of progesterone has been linked to gum disease, usually around the second until the eight month of pregnancy; this condition is called pregnancy gingivitis. Although major procedures are not indicated during pregnancy, if this condition appears, frequent visits to the dentists for professional cleanings is recommended during the second or the start of the third trimester to reduce the chance of gingivitis. Communication with your dentist is crucial to maintain good oral health during the gestation period. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits and a healthy diet is also important during pregnancy.

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The Relationship Between Progesterone And Your Mouth
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