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The Secret Your Teeth Shout Out Loud: Bulimia – Part 1

Bulimia is a condition that has been affecting generations men and women and can have long-term effects on every area of your health including your teeth.

Bulimia is an eating disorder and one of the main characteristics is that people usually go through stages of binge-eating followed by purging. It is a habit that can become so uncontrollable that the person involved simply cannot stop the cycle of consuming large amounts of food during a short period of time followed by the action of trying to get rid of this ingested food by purging (vomiting or taking laxatives, diuretics or stimulants).

Sometimes this condition is also accompanied with excessive exercise. This behavior is the result of excessive concern over weight issues.

Many bulimics try to have normal lives, they will go out and have fun with friends and they will join you for dinners, they usually do not talk about it and think it is their secret. That is, until they make an appointment to go the dentist.

Dentists have seen many sets of teeth during their practice and for them it is very easy to know if a patient has been purging through vomiting or not. Our stomachs contain hydrochloric acid (HCL) which is in charge of breaking down our food and it is super potent. When this acid reaches our mouth it will inherently debilitate the enamel of our teeth.

This erosion caused by stomach acids will be similar to the ones a pregnant woman might present with the difference that morning sickness ceases, bulimia can carry on for years. The longer the condition has been present, the more extensive the damage may be.

Frequent vomiting can erode your tooth enamel, especially on the tongue side of the upper front teeth. The risk for decay in these areas is very high and may cause these teeth to become sensitive to temperature. If the erosion has progressed it can lead to changes in your bite, or the way your upper and lower teeth come together. There is a possibility that over time your back teeth can be reduced in size and the danger that some teeth might even need to be pulled out.

By: Prisma Dental

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The Secret Your Teeth Shout Out Loud:  Bulimia – Part 1
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