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The Ugly Truth Behind a Common Toothache – Tooth Abscess

We have all experienced the stinging sensation that a simple and common toothache can produce, the pain can be so intense that you feel your head will explode.

The toothache is a clear sign that something is going on and many times the culprit is tooth decay but it can also be any type of trauma such as chipped tooth. Your toothache can be a sign that decay or bacterial infection is progressing and that it needs attention.

Caries acts slowly and consistently and by the time you experience pain, bacterial infection has been going on for some time and without being aware of it abscesses develop.

An abscess develops either by a complication of tooth decay or as a result of physical trauma to the tooth. Any type of openings or cracks in the tooth enamel will allow bacteria to enter the pulp and cause and infection.

This infection can affect the root of the tooth and can also spread to the bones and supporting structures of the tooth. But it does not stop there, if untreated, these bacteria can enter your bloodstream and can travel to other organs such as the lungs, the heart and when swallowed can also cause further complications in the stomach.

An abscess in itself contains a collection of dead tissue, live and dead bacteria and white blood cells which will make tissues within the tooth swell.

This swelling is what causes toothache. If the infection destroys the pulp completely you will reach a point wherein you do not feel pain anymore, however bacteria will go ahead and damage the surrounding tissue.

Although toothache is the most evident and common symptom of an abscess there are other symptoms which include: breath odor or odor when you brush or floss your teeth, pain when chewing, fever, swelling of the gum supporting the tooth with decay, swollen glands or face.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms consult your dentist and make sure you have a check-up, controlling caries in its early stages will save you from unwanted complications such abscesses.

By: Prisma Dental

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The Ugly Truth Behind A Common Toothache – Tooth  Abscess
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